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THE community has pulled together to buy a new electric bike for a disabled girl who had hers stolen by a heartless thief.

Chloe Roylance, 13, was left very upset and afraid to leave her home after her electric bike was stolen while she was in Heavenly Food and Doughnuts on Higher Market Street in Farnworth.

She spotted the hooded thief getting on her bike, at around 3,20pm on Monday, April 12, and chased after him but he managed to escape.

Chloe’s dad Mark appealed on social media for any information about the theft, which came to the attention of Paul Dempsey, who works at Decathlon in Bolton, and Michael Morrison, from Little Hulton.

The pair got in touch with each other to see how they could help Chloe, who has a speech disability.

Through separate fundraising appeals they quickly raised £1,100 to buy Chloe a new electric bike and accessories to go with it.

Sports advisor Paul, who specialises in cycling for the store, said: “When I saw what happened it had me straight away.

“It should not happen to anyone.

“I spoke with my operations manager and we managed to get the bike for her and I fitted the accessories such as the bottle cage and mudguard. We got a helmet for her too.

“We turned up at around 7pm on Friday as a surprise and she was quite shocked.

“She knew she was going to get it but thought it was going to be weeks. I taught her through the use of it.”

Michael was delighted to play his part as well.

He said: “I have got disabilities as well, so it touched me when I saw what happened to Chloe.

“Her face was a picture when we dropped off the bike. It was also an upgrade on the one she had.

“Mark was very overwhelmed and couldn’t thank me and Paul and everyone who donated enough. We would like to thank everyone who donated.”

Mark added: “It is really nice, I can’t believe how many people have donated.”

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