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This is my review of the GOTRAX ALPHA XL ELECTRIC BIKE 29″. The bike arrived at the office and I still had work to do before I could take it out for a ride. “I’ll stick it in the back of my car and take it home to put together,” I thought. My real thought was that I didn’t want the men in the office to see me put the bike together in case I looked stupid or couldn’t understand the instructions.

A fast and easy instruction and installation right out of the box.

Didn’t need to worry about looking stupid — the guys were so excited about they weren’t going to wait around for me to put the bike together. Within 10 minutes, they “helped me out” by opening the box and putting on the handlebars and tires. Truly an easy install.

I took a vid of them performing this service for me (putting the bike together). I ought to upload the vid here for you to get a laugh. The three men that came in the office that day all had on black shorts, black shoes, black shirts and they were putting together my new black bike. They looked like the racing team support system at the Tour de France.

They were so excited about my beautiful bike it was fun to see everyone so excited.



I’ve tried out many GOTRAX products. Really love the scooter — but I needed a decent bike.

The men got the bike together and at least had the decency to say that I could have the first ride — on my bike.

All of a sudden I started having some kind of post-traumatic stress something-or-other! I remembered my first ever bike ride. I was six years old. I hopped on my new birthday pink and white Schwinn and rode directly down the street and into an open canal.

I told the guys that we would all take a walk outside and take a dig on the bike. Down the elevator and out the door we went. With my post-traumatic thoughts going on — I generously let the guys ride first. Oh, they loved this bike. They had already read all the specs and excitedly repeated them as we walked.


The bike has up to 26 miles per charge with a 36V, 7.5aH battery. I like to leave the battery on all the time now because I live by hills, so I get about 16 miles on a charge. The power and speed indicator has a 350w motor, capable of speeds up to 20 mph (we all felt the speeds were faster).

All of the extras are easy to access — right on the handlebars. An easy-to-understand digital display to access the power switch, battery indicator, front light and gear switch — all at the touch of a button.

What about the 29″ Wheels?

I was worried about the 29″ wheels. I’m tall, but my legs aren’t as long as they “should be.” But every one of us loved the 29″ wheels. All of the men have several bikes at home and ride often, so I was excited to hear what they thought.

We all agreed and voted that we liked the smooth ride and smooth transition and it felt good not to get whiplash when using the electric press switch — which has happened on other bikes.

Smooth ride, easy on and off the bike, fast when you want, but you can also take it slow, too. The GOTRAX ALPHA XL ELECTRIC BIKE 29″ is a beauty. I like black the best, but the maroon tone is pleasing, too.

Image Credit: Images from the GOTRAX site

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