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Electric balance bikes then? It’s a new one on us, but of course they’re a thing. Is there any kind of bike that hasn’t been motorised? Founded in 2020, London-based IndyBikes are producing 100W bikes for 3-6-year-olds.

The straightforwardly-named IndyBikes Electric Balance Bike features two speed modes of 3mph or 9mph and offers 60-75 minutes of riding from a full charge of its removeable 48Wh battery.

IndyBikes electric balance bike white.jpg

IndyBikes electric balance bike white.jpg, by IndyBikes

Control is via a twist-and-go throttle that also features an LED battery indicator to show when power is running low.

The bike weighs 10kg and has 12” wheels and a rear drum brake.

If, like us, you currently spend considerable time with a balance bike rider and perhaps felt a trifle unnerved by the cliff edge riding towards the end of the video above, then you’re probably wondering about the safety features.

The bikes feature a motor cut-out that disengages the power when the brake lever is pulled, while the low saddle position and frame design are said to improve stability and reduce wobble.

You also have the option to limit the bike’s maximum speed until you’re confident your child is okay with the controls.

IndyBikes say all bikes are certified according to European safety standards and every bike undergoes a pre-delivery inspection before being shipped.

The Electric Balance Bike comes in white, navy and pale blue and is currently listed at £289 on the IndyBikes website, down from £319.

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