Cyclist who attached a tiny engine to his push bike is prosecuted for not having a licence or insurance Leave a comment

Speaking after the case he said he was being penalised because he could not afford to buy an expensive electric bike.

He said: “If that had been a fancy electric bike they wouldn’t have looked twice at me.

“Those electric bikes can go three times the speed of mine, the little engine was off a remote control car, it was less than 100CC and if you got to 15 miles per hour downhill you were doing well.

“It’s OK for people who can afford electric bikes to go whizzing all over the place, but I had to improvise and I’ve been persecuted because of it.

“I live in an area where there are a lot of hills and I was getting tired so I decided to modify my bike. I hardly ever needed the engine, it was just to go uphill and I went past police loads of times and they didn’t even notice.

“But that one day a nut had come off the little exhaust pipe and it was rattling and making a racket.

“I was going up a street with terraced houses on both sides and the sound was echoing, then I saw the police officer.

“She stood in the middle of the road with her hand up and I thought ‘this isn’t going to go well.’

“I was still shocked when I had my bike taken off me and ended up in court. I spent £600 doing the bike up and it’s still in a police compound, I’ve been waiting to get it back for months. I understand I’ll have to take the engine off, but I’d still like my bike back.”

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