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Some 200 bicycles will be available for rental in 25 stations across Jerusalem as part of a new rental service that will soon be offered in Israel’s capital, the municipality announced on Sunday.

In the first stage of the project, 120 bikes with electric motors and another 80 standard, unmotorized bikes will be available at the stations. The project is being carried out by the Eden Company, the Municipal Economic Corporation and the FSM company.

Renting a bike will cost users NIS 4 plus another 20 agurot for every minute ridden on a regular bike or another 60 agurot for every minute ridden on an electric bike. Three-month and year-long subscriptions will also be available.

A three-month subscription will cost NIS 132 and a year-long subscription will cost NIS 360. Both subscriptions will offer free use of regular bikes and discounted use of electric bikes. Residents with a Yerushalmi card will be able to purchase a three month subscription for NIS 99 and a year-long subscription for NIS 270.

Rental options will be available on the rental service’s website or mobile app. 

More information on subscriptions and station locations is available on the rental service’s website in Hebrew, English, Russian, French and Arabic at
“We are in the final stages of launching the ‘Jerufun’ project, the municipal bicycle rental project, which aims to change traffic patterns in the city center and give a real opportunity to get from point to point without the need to use vehicles,” said Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion. “The municipality will continue to improve and streamline the city’s transportation infrastructure for the benefit of all city residents and visitors.”

“We at FSM are proud to launch the bicycle venture in Jerusalem. This is the first city in Israel to launch an electric bicycle venture based on an innovative application and an advanced system developed especially based on the vast knowledge we have accumulated in managing and operating urban bicycle rental systems,” said Fredy Perman, CEO of the FSM company. “The residents of the city and its visitors will enjoy the Jerufun bicycle system. Cycling is not just an alternative and a solution for transportation, but also a different kind of experience: green, safe, sporty, relaxed and fun. All this Jerufun brings whenever you decide to use one of the bicycles and the price is convenient for everyone. ‘Yalla’ enjoy.”

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