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The company behind Bristol’s e-scooter rollout has promised to make improvements after complaints were made about pavements being blocked.

Voi Technology has responded after some residents in the city complained about stationary e-scooters being left in large numbers on pavements – forcing pedestrians into the road.

In one case, 27 of the e-scooters were left at a spot in Clifton while 17 were parked on a small pavement in Bedminster.

This has prompted some complaints from residents as well as groups representing the blind and elderly, who have raised concerns about access.

Voi Technology has apologised for any inconvenience its parked e-scooters may have caused. Credit: BPM Media

In response, a Voi Technology spokesperson said: “Safety is our top priority. Parking scooters in a way that blocks the pavement are strictly against our user agreement. 

“We have Voi ambassadors in all cities to monitor the streets to report anti-social behaviour, as well as correct poorly-parked scooters.

“We assure you that we don’t want our scooters parked like this either, and are working to improve this.

One of our priorities is to make sure the scooters are parked correctly, according to local laws and our terms and conditions. We are also working on putting parking racks in several cities where you can place the scooters neatly in the racks.

Voi Technology spokesperson

“We really apologise for any inconveniences caused by our scooters.”

How do the e-scooters work?

Bristol City Council approved an e-scooter trial in the city in October last year, in a bid to reduce congestion and pollution.

The e-scooters, which can be hired via an app for a certain period of time, are limited to 10mph.

E-scooters arrived in Bristol in October 2020 (pictured: a stock image of a rider on an e-scooter).

Users are required to leave them in designated ‘parking zones’ after they are finished, but there are no docking stations – which has resulted in them being left on pavements.

A spokesperson for the local authority said they are working with Voi Technology to improve “messaging” around responsible road use.

“Voi can issue warnings to users who do not follow the rules and remove the accounts of persistent offenders,” the spokesperson said.

“The council does not have powers to enforce traffic offences as that is the police’s responsibility.

We are working with Voi to improve the messaging riders get about responsible road use and parking, and to develop a better system for people to report any issues.

Bristol City Council spokesperson

“Issues can be currently be reported, ideally with a photo and/or the scooter’s registration number.”

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