Benelli Dong e-scooter launched in Indonesia; to enter India next? Leave a comment

Benelli Dong e-scooter launched in Indonesia; to enter India next?

Benelli Dong electric scooter enters Indonesia

– Top speed is 45kmph with a 60km battery range

– Artificial exhaust sound feature available

Benelli has launched its all-new electric scooter, the Dong, in the Indonesian market. While it appears to be just another basic e-scooter in terms of technical specifications, the design of the Dong is something that truly stands out.

Rear Swing Arm

Firstly, it looks profoundly compact in terms of dimensions, more so than the BGauss B8 we had tested in November last year. But more than its size, the liberty its designers took while doing their job is praise-worthy. Starting from the curvy and swooping front apron to the cylindrical under seat panel, the Dong is sure to catch attention in abundance. And then the long footboard tapers at the back to connect with the wavy, aluminum-finished swingarm. As they say, design is a subjective matter, so we leave it to our readers to decide if it looks charming or Benelli should have stuck to conventionality. 

Electric Bike Battery Pack

Shedding light on the tech specs, powering the Benelli Dong is a 1.56kWh lithium-ion battery that can last for about 60km on a full charge. Drawing power from this battery is a 1.2kW motor that is capable of propelling it to a top speed of 45kmph. From the design and specs, it’s clear that the Dong is meant for short-distance urban commuting. It’s also modern with bits like full-LED lighting and a negative LCD dash. What’s more, there’s an artificial exhaust sound feature as well, like that in the Revolt electric bikes. 

As for Benelli’s plans related to going electric in India, the brand’s India MD had stated in 2019 that they might bring an electric two-wheeler around 2022 in India, provided that the government policies evolve to be in their favour. It’s quite uncertain that the company will bring the Dong in its current avatar in India. Instead, it might develop something India-specific based on the Dong’s platform. 

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