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Dutch bicycle brand, Gazelle has announced the opening of Denmark’s first E-Bike Experience Centre, located in Copenhagen.

The latest figures from Statistics Denmark confirm the increasing sales of electric bicycles in Denmark, with this increase set to continue. Data shows that the turnover from sales of e-Bikes has increased by 10 percent since 2019. A significant portion of the sale consists of imported bicycles.

Paul Vreeburg, commercial director of Gazelle, said: “Denmark has a similar cycling culture to the Netherlands. In our country, electric bicycles now make up a large part of the total number of bicycles. In Denmark we see that interest in e-Bikes is also growing strongly. For a premium brand like Gazelle, with years of experience in the development and production of e-Bikes, this is a logical step.”

Gazelle has previously had positive experiences with Experience Centers in the Netherlands and Germany. In these stores, consumers will find Gazelle’s complete e-Bike collection where all models can be tested in various sizes.

The E-Bike Experience Center in Copenhagen has a large indoor test track, to ensure testing can take place in all conditions. Once consumers have chosen their desired model, they can purchase the e-Bike from one of the 125 Gazelle dealers in the country.

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