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City riding doesn’t have to be boring or limiting. Better said, the bike you use for the daily commute can serve just as well for more adventurous and extended outings.

This is where moped-style bikes come into play. Biktrix is a Canadian e-bike maker that’s been on the market since 2014 and that already boasts a 15-product lineup offering a little bit of something for every taste and budget. The latest addition is aptly called The Moto, an electric bicycle that offers “unmatched customization” and the solution to that dreaded range anxiety. It is the first of the kind from this particular maker.

The Moto is a moped-style bike drawing power from a 750W Bafang hub motor and a 48V 21Ah battery that allows for a dual configuration for extended range. With dual batteries, The Moto is good for some 100 miles (161 km) of riding on a single charge, or what Biktrix refers to an entire day of stress-free fun. Because no one likes cutting rides shorts out of fear of not being able to get back home.

The Moto is single-speed, which is in keeping with what similar e-bike makers like Super73 are offering. Given the powerful motor, this e-bike is ideally suited for torque-only riding, though you can, of course, pedal if you want to.

Designed on a “made to order” principle, The Moto comes in two frame sizes (20” and 24”) and a variety of colorways. It comes with integrated headlight and taillight, for maximum visibility on the road, and dual piston hydraulic brakes for stopping power. The motocross-style seat is comfy, while the fat tires and front suspension make this moped feel at home both on the trail and on city streets.

Offered in a several colorways (tan, white, charcoal, blue and orange), The Moto is now available for pre-order for $2,299. Biktrix doesn’t mention an estimated delivery date, but here’s a video to see if whatever wait lies ahead is worth it (for you).

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