New York City Picks E-Scooter Companies for Bronx Rollout Leave a comment

New York City has selected three companies to participate in an electric-scooter-share pilot program that is expected to launch in parts of the Bronx this summer.

Bird, Lime and Veo beat out competitors from around the world vying to operate in a city perceived as a prize for micromobility companies because of its high concentration of short-distance trips.

“New York is more than a tremendous victory for us,” said Candice Xie, chief executive of Chicago-based Veo. “We take this program really seriously and want to make sure it is sustainable and can grow in the long term.”

Micromobility companies and transit advocates have said e-scooters, which average about one mile per trip, replace short car journeys and help people who live more than a short walk from a subway station or bus stop.

New York lags behind many other U.S. cities that launched e-scooter-share systems during the past few years. Some cities have struggled with complaints from residents about scooters being ridden erratically and parked carelessly, as well as instances of serious and, in some cases, fatal accidents.

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