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Sometimes, not even celebrity status can get you ahead of the line. Just ask rapper A$AP Rocky, who badly wanted one of those cool Super73-S2 e-bikes but didn’t know where to get his hands on one.

Now, he has a brand new, custom one.

Super73 makes a series of electric motorcycles/e-bikes for all budgets, classifications and interests. The S2 is the front suspension entry, boasting a rear hub 2,000W motor that can be unleashed fully in off-road mode, or limited to just 250W for European countries, where torque-only riding is not road-legal for a bicycle. It also features integrated an headlight and taillight, fenders, and the biggest battery on the market.

In Los Angeles in particular, there’s a very strong and ever-growing community of riders called the Super Squad, which often coordinate outings. During one of these outings, A$AP Rocky showed up in his Ferrari, asking whether you could already order the Super73 bike online.

Super73 got wind of the video, which was posted to social media seven months ago, and made sure the rapper got his bike ahead of everyone else. And it would be a custom one-off, thanks to creative director Chris Nelson and designer Karoline Davidian.

This S2 stands out from the other e-bikes even more than a stock S2 would. It rocks contrasting green and pink paint over black, some carbon fiber here and there (on both fenders), matching pedals, a new seat with “$trive and Prosper” etched on the side, a brand new headlight, and a customized Super73 logo on the battery, inspired by artwork used by A$AP Rocky himself.

According to the video available below, all this was done without the rapper’s knowledge. Despite some second thoughts on whether he’d like it, the smile on his face when he took it for a first ride really says it all.

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