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A police officer was attacked in one of a number of incidents during a day of action cracking down on off road bikes.

Cleveland Police seized three bikes during the day-long initiative on Saturday, including one which had been abandoned

Police also spoke to a family of a young child on a small electric bike, offering them advice.

However in a separate incident an officer at attacked as he tried to seize a bike belonging to a suspect.

A spokesman said the neighbourhood officers in Middlesbrough, alongside local authority colleagues and officers from the motorcycle unit, patrolled in Brambles Farm and Thorntree and stopped a man on an off-road bike and recovered it for having no insurance.

An 18-year-old man was reported for summons for alleged driving offences.

She said: “Police also came across a young child on a small electric bike and officers issued words of advice to the child’s parent.

“As another off-road bike was seized on Birkhall Road, an officer was kicked and the suspect attempted to bite officers as he was being restrained. Enquiries are ongoing in connection with this investigation.

“Two off-road bikes later made off from officers in the Coulby Newham area, one of which was later found abandoned in woodland near to The Pastures and was seized by police.

Chief Inspector Daryll Tomlinson, from Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Team, said: “We will continue to target those using motorcycles and off road vehicles on public land across Middlesbrough, we are working closely with our partners in housing associations and the local authority to plan a number of days of action in the areas most affected by off-road nuisance.

“Leaflets with details on how to report information to police or anonymously via Crimestoppers have been distributed and we could urge anyone with information on the identity of off-road bikers or the location of where off-road bikes are being kept to call.

“Residents are urged to keep up-to-date with what is happening in their ward area by visiting our newsletters section of the website and where necessary contact their local officers:

“More operations are coming, and those involved are being targeted. Please continue to report these incidents to us on 101 or via Crimestoppers.”

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