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Dispute over e-scooter

Kimberley Daley continues to be ticketed on her electric scooter even though she claims she does not need insurance.

The Vernon resident uses her e-scooter as her only source of transportation, but she rides it in constant fear that she might be pulled over.

Daley says the scooter does require insurance, as stated in the handbook because it is less than 50cc.

Despite this, she has received two tickets totalling twelve hundred dollars. Her scooter has also been impounded costing her over six hundred dollars.

“With my bike being impounded, I’ve missed a few days of work,” said Daley.

“It’s really important to me because it’s my only source of transportation to get to work, I do groceries on it, I do everything on it and I have to worry about it getting impounded every time I get on it,” she added.

Daley says she will be disputing the tickets in court which could take months.

To avoid any further headache Daley says she tried to get the scooter insured. The Vernon resident went to two different insurance companies that told her they do not insure her type of scooter because it doesn’t meet the requirements.

Daley has a pending lawsuit against the police and the province over an incident that previously transpired.

In this situation she says she was in a car that had been confronted by the police.

“The police pulled us out, gunpoint and everything, then threw us on the ground yelling, ‘wrong person, wrong person,” said Daley. “My lawyer is on it, I’m suing ICBC and the police station.”

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