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Xiaomi will make electric cars, and while they arrive, the popular motorcycle manufacturer NIU is now introducing its first scooters.

It is already official that Xiaomi is going to develop its own electric cars, not in vain from China even Lei Jun talks about some of his first steps and his ambitious plans, while other Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers like NIU go the other way and present their first personal mobility vehicles.

In fact, as GizmoChina published just a few hours ago, it seems that NIU already has its first electric scooters ready, which will arrive in two flavors and will be called NIU Electric Kick Scooter with the surnames Sport and Pro depending on your possibilities.

The new NIU Electric Kick Scooter will arrive in two flavors: ‘Sport’ and ‘Pro’.

For those who do not know NIU, the truth is that we are facing one of the most popular manufacturers in China in the field of electric motorcycles, with headquarters in Changzhou and a not too long journey in the market, since the firm was founded in 2014 and its international landing dates from just a few months ago, at least in Spain.

The best part is precisely that these NIU Electric Kick Scooter will also be available in our markets, as it is reported a launch throughout the summer in China, Europe and North America at a very attractive price … Don’t you want to know more about this new option to move around the city? Follow us!

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This will be the NIU Electric Kick Scooter, in two variants and starting at $ 599

Surely the first thing that stands out about these scooters is that NIU has learned a lot from its expansion into Europe and other markets with their motorcycles, and it is that their Electric Kick Scooter Sport and Pro will be adapted to the specific regulations of each country varying specifications and possibilities in each case.

That is why here only we can offer you generic information, since NIU will offer the specific catalogs for Spain later.

NIU Electric Kick Scooter

NIU’s scooter drive system reuses braking energy for its battery.

In any case, the NIU Electric Kick Scooter Pro will offer in the United States a speed of 19.8 miles per hour -31.9 km / h- with ranges of up to 31 miles, about 50 kilometers no less.

For its part, the Electric Kick Scooter Sport model reduces its maximum speed to 17.4 miles per hour -28.0 km / h- with a slightly smaller battery, leaving its range at 25 miles or 40 kilometers.

You will be interested to know that in Europe these speeds will be limited by software to 25 kilometers per hour in both cases, due to community regulations for these personal mobility vehicles.

Xiaomi's electric scooter has come up with a tough competitor: this is NIU's first electric scooter

The chosen engines offer up to 350 W in the case of the Pro version, with up to 300 W in the Sport model, and incorporating lithium ion batteries of 486 Wh and 365 Wh respectively. The scooters charge from 0% to 100% in 7.5 hours on the Pro and 5.5 hours on the Sport.

The scooters are constructed of high-strength materials, and withstand splashes, rain and water so there is no problem in adverse weather conditions, beyond road safety. They are foldable, they connect to the mobile via Bluetooth to manage their options and obviously have a regenerative brake to regain energy while decelerating.

NIU Electric Kick Scooter

A complete application to manage everything related to the scooter from your smartphone.

NIU Electric Kick Scooter, launch and prices

As we have already mentioned, NIU plans to launch its scooters at very attractive prices, leaving in the United States the most advanced model starting at $ 599, about 500 euros just that will compete the sea of ​​good taking into account power, autonomy and possibilities.

There is no more information about other variants, but yes Pre-sale is expected to open globally in June 2021, with shipments from the following July and already in the middle of summer both in the United States and in Europe.

It can be bought online and also We can see and purchase them at NIU dealerships already open in Spain, so there are not many excuses left to take a look if we are looking for a scooter with good performance at contained prices.

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