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A Neuron Mobility e-scooter equipped with a console box and a rider wearing a safety helmet

Neuron Mobility, a rental e-scooter company and micromobility technology developer, announced on April 1 that it will introduce a new e-scooter in collaboration with Studio Dummy, a design startup, from April 1 to April 25 in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

The two companies will introduce an e-scooter equipped with the world’s first app-controlled safety helmet and Korea’s first console box (multi-purpose storage container) for e-scooters. The project will be shown to visitors to introduce an e-scooter lifestyle that focuses on safety and innovation.

The Neuron X Studio Dummy collaboration will be exhibited in Project Rent II in Seongsu-dong from noon to 19:00 p.m. every day. Visitors can receive a free 20-minute coupon to ride Neuron e-scooters. Moreover, for anyone who wants to enjoy a picnic at Seoul Forest and experience riding the e-scooter, a “Picnic Package” will be sold via a Naver reservation system for only 10 people per day on the weekend. Users can enjoy the Picnic Package in Seoul Forest after riding to the entrance on a Neuron e-scooter, to be parked responsibly in the designated “Neuron X Studio Dummy” parking area located at Seoul Forest.

In the project, Neuron will introduce its latest and safest KS1 e-scooter that features the world’s first app-controlled helmet lock and a safety helmet that has obtained the Korea Certification Mark. Moreover, as the number of visitors to Seoul Forest is expected to increase due to the tulip festival in April, Neuron will be implementing geofences to create a No Riding Zone that will cover the entire Seoul Forest to ensure a safe experience for the forest visitors and riders. Any Neuron e-scooters that try to enter Seoul Forest during the project will automatically stop.

The console boxes designed by Studio Dummy can be docked and undocked to either a car console or an e-scooter. They look like a small briefcase and are made of Paperette, an eco-friendly material that is made with heat and pressure and without any additional chemicals. Up to 2 kg of goods can be safely stored in the box when riding.

“Neuron has put our efforts to design and build our own e-scooters specialized in safety and sharing. As a result, we have introduced many world first features and pioneering innovations such as our app-controlled helmet lock and geofencing. We are thrilled to introduce new examples of e-scooter safety and innovation in Korea through this collaboration with Studio Dummy,” said Ryu Ki-uk, communications lead of Neuron Mobility.

The design team at Studio Dummy commented, “The detachable docking console box that we introduced is the end result of designing for a future mobility life. We hope this collaboration with Neuron will open a new chapter in Korea’s mobility lifestyle.”

In addition to the Helmet Lock and geofencing features, Neuron’s KS1 e-scooters have voice guidance to educate riders on how to travel safely; a Follow My Ride feature which allows riders to share their trip with friends and family in real time for added safety; and a 119 emergency button that can tell if someone has had a fall and help them call emergency services. Furthermore, Neuron’s e-scooters have front suspension, visibly larger, 12” front wheels and wider footplates than many other e-scooters, and electric and drum brakes to deliver the highest levels of safety and rider experience.

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