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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Seven months into the electric scoot trial program, city officials said there have been over 33,000 rides on electric scooters. What they’ve learned so far is how to make it safer for everyone in the community.

“Having that as an option is awesome,” UNL student Joel Myers said.

Myers has used electric scooters in other cities but hasn’t used them much in Lincoln.

“I would like for there to be more places to ride them cause I do enjoy riding them and they are convenient,” Myers said.

This is because of certain restrictions the city and electric scooter companies have agreed to limit where you can use scooters.

Areas, where electric scooters are not allowed, are around the State Capitol building and on UNL’s campus. This is according to the electric scooter company Bird.

LTU transportation planner Robert Partida said, “We’re consistently looking for ways to enhance our program and to ensure that it is as safe as possible for both scooter riders and pedestrians.”

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities has put in other guidelines including designated parking areas, requiring a driver’s license to ride and prohibiting people from riding on the sidewalks.

“Overall, I’d say this scooter pilot program has been going well thus far. the city does collect 15 cents per ride. that’s detailed in the city permit,” Partida said.

As of Tuesday, the city has collected just shy $5,000. The next 5 months of the trial period will determine if electric scooters are a good option for people in lincoln.

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