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An electric bike is a big investment, but a little care and maintenance will ensure it gives you years of happy riding. Any bike requires regular TLC to keep it running smoothly, but an e-bike needs a little extra attention. It’s not complicated though, provided you know the basics.

TechRadar spoke to Gavin Brough, manager of Gamma Transfer Division Shimano Service Center in Edinburgh, for advice on how to keep your e-bike rolling for years to come.

Gavin Brough, Gamma Transfer Division Shimano Service Center

Gavin Brough of Gamma Transfer Division advises taking your e-bike to a service center once a year (Image credit: Gamma Transfer Division Shimano Service Center )

“Regular maintenance is crucial for your safety and enjoyment of cycling,” Brough says. “A bike that runs smoothly and sweetly is a lot more fun to ride! How frequently your bike requires servicing depends on how often you ride, the conditions you ride in, and even your riding style.”

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