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A new electric scooter renting scheme will be launching in Brentwood, Essex next week after being delayed due to lockdown restrictions.

The Spin E-scooters will be launched in the town on March 29, and can be hired through a long-term subscription model, Spin+ .

Under the Spin+ service, people will be able to have their own exclusive rental E-scooter that they can take home.

The subscription costs £55 a month, which will include a Spin scooter, insurance, helmet, a charging cable, 24/7 customer support and maintenance.

“We’re really excited to try Spin+ in Brentwood,” Steve Pyer, the UK country manager for Spin, said.

“We were going to launch in January, but due to covid restrictions the councils asked us to delay it. It has always been legal and ok to do.

“E-scooters are a simple and fun way to get around Essex. Our key aim is to provide a socially distanced and safe way for people to travel that also reduces the number of short car journeys made.”

The E-scooters have already been launched in other areas of Essex including Chelmsford, where Mr Pyer explained they have seen nearly 5,000 rides.

The Essex schemes have been launched as part of a UK wide Department for Transport trial, where anyone aged over 18 and with a valid driving licence can legally hire an E-scooter.

Different renting models being tested in different areas of Essex, for instance Spin+ in Brentwood and Braintree, with pay as you go available in Chelmsford.

The Department for Transport trial is currently running until the end of November.

The Spin E-scooters are speed restricted to a maximum of 15.5mph, and can generally be ridden anywhere that bicycles are allowed to go.


Private E-scooters are currently illegal on public roads in the UK.

The Spin E-scooters have the orange Spin branding on them, to make them easy to distinguish as being part of the scheme.

The scooters can travel around 40 miles, depending on factors such as temperature and size of the rider, before the battery charge runs out.

Mr Pyer explained that all of the scooters are GPS tracked, allowing them to know where they are and when the battery level is low and needs replacing.

People in Brentwood can sign up to the Spin+ subscription here.

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