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Getting around is an essential of life, but sitting in traffic in the city and chewing up a lot of gas can be time consuming and boring. With more and more people turning to electric scooters as a fun, practical, economically friendly and cost effective way of getting around, the market is becoming more competitive.

As innovation and investment into the design of electric scooters increases, some great models such as the Wolf Warrior 11 represent an excellent choice for people looking to travel in a modern way on all kinds of terrain. The electric scooter has a number of special features built in to ensure optimal performance on and off-road.

“The Wolf Warrior 11 is a great way to get around town and is equally effective on a variety of different surfaces” as spokesman for Vaughan, ON-based electric bike and scooter specialists Epic Cycles told us. “With its ability to produce up to 5,400 watts of power, riders can get up to speeds of over 37 mph. It is a great way to get around town in a clean and efficient way”.

“The Wolf Warrior 11 is also equally at home out of town too. It is packed full of all the features needed to get around town, but it is equally well placed to have a lot fun with at weekends too! Its powerful motor can get you to speeds of up to almost 40 mph, and up hills of up to 45 degree inclines.”

“Scooters with this much power at their disposal also have to have safety at the forefront of their design. To this end, the Wolf Warrior is kitted out with hydraulic anti-locking brakes for quick and controlled stopping. To give even greater levels of comfort, riders also benefit from rear shock absorbers that enable a precise and controlled experience even on the most difficult of terrains”.

Getting where you need to go after dark is also no problem for Wolf Warrior 11 riders. Safe night riding is enabled with LED lights to the front, side and rear. Power-wise, the battery can be fully charged from empty in around 8 hours. So an overnight charge means it is fully stocked and good to go by the morning.

“The standard model is fitted with a 60V lithium ion battery that provides a range of around 43 miles when running in eco mode, and slightly less in sport or dual motor mode. For getting around town or some off-roading fun at weekends, it’s more than powerful enough to get you where you need to be”.

“The large tires are also a popular feature with our customers. The 11” tires mean that the rider is cushioned from the usual discomfort of rougher road surfaces or off-road tracks. Amazingly with all these features, the Wolf Warrior is still easy to fold, and it reduces to half its size for convenient storage when it is not in use. There is no surprise it is one of our most popular models of electric scooter”.

About Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is an electric bike and scooter manufacturer and retailer. The e-bike and scooter specialists aim to promote convenience, affordability and enjoyment for getting around in an environmentally friendly way. The Canadian e-bike specialists achieve this through relationships with parts providers and manufacturers in leading e-bike technologies.

Media Contact
Company Name: Epic Cycles
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: 647-715-9000
Address:6221 HWY 7 W Unit 1
City: Vaughan
State: Ontario L4H 0K8
Country: Canada
Website: https://epiccycles.ca/

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