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WE reported that a trial of electric scooters will soon be rolled out in more areas of Oxford.

The scheme is currently running in Headington with vehicles provided by a company called VOI, overseen by Oxfordshire County Council.

Now, more areas in the ‘Eastern Arc’ of the city will see the orange battery-powered two-wheelers on their streets from the end of the month.

A consultation has opened on the county council website ahead of their introduction in areas including Cowley and East Oxford.

Here’s what you said about the initiative on Facebook:

MICKY PAL: “Extremely dangerous. Twice I barely saw the rider approaching me with a very high speed (much faster than a bike and very quiet). It’s just a matter of time until accidents will start rolling. And I hope the council will face their share of responsibility when this does take place.

PETER DALTON: “The world’s moving on, you can move with it or be left behind. Be prepared for a bigger range of personal electric transport everywhere.”

LLOYD WHITE: “It’s a good idea. Get more people on e-scooters and less people in cars. It’s better for the planet. I would use an e-scooter for work and leave my car at home.”

SUZIE HILLS: “Make all of them legal. It’s a good way to get around. No one moans about electric bikes or mobility scooters. Get with the rest of the world and let everyone ride them.

“I’d be more than happy to take a test with police and take out public liability insurance to ride mine. I’m also considerate to others.”

RACHEL WEAVER SCOTT: “What a nightmare these are. People using them jump on and off the pavements with no thought to the vehicular traffic on the roads. Witnessed this being done multiple times now. An accident waiting to happen.

SID CAT: “I use the Northampton ones and they are great. You have to photograph yourself when you unlock one and where you leave it when you have finished They are GPS tracked and offer discounts if you leave them in approved locations.”

BERTIE NEAL: “Get rid of them because they only land up in the river same as the hire push bikes.”

VINCENT PAUL YAO: “Awesome news. Caused a lot of accidents at first but newer gen of scooters with bigger tires and suspension and bigger uptake of private use scooters has lowered the accident rate considerably.”

CHRIS WILLIAMS: “No more E-scooters. I’ve seen people on the pavement riding on them.”

ANDREW PLOWMAN: “These things are usually used by people who would normally walk, so what’s the point.”

ELTON HUNT: “Brilliant they are a great idea. Used these in Liverpool. Of course you get moaning Myrtles in Oxford saying they’re dangerous. But these in pedestrian areas automatically slow down by themselves to a very slow walking pace.

“And you can’t ride one unless you have a driving license and you have uploaded your photo and license to the app. Well done Oxford.”

JOANA CAROLINE: “What I don’t understand is why e-scooters are not allowed but this one is okay?”

ED KERSHAW: “If they’re allowed on the road why don’t they follow proper regulations such as indicators, brake lights, speedometer etc they should also be taxed and insured. I don’t think they should be allowed on roads.

“Are they going to get a regular service to make sure they’re up to standard? Probably not. Just another get rich quick scheme.

“Plus they take up public space on the pathways. They should find better locations that don’t get in pedestrians’ way. If someone else parked on the path they would get a fine. Ridiculous if you ask me.

PETER DALTON: “You don’t need indicators, lights or a speedometer on a bicycle. Just keep these off the pavements, for use on cycleways and roads. Car drivers will just have to look out for the odd numpty riding an e-scooter. The majority will use them sensibly.”

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