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Ray and Dave with Yawboard's new electric scooter-skateboard hybrid.
Ray and Dave with Yawboard’s new electric scooter-skateboard hybrid.

The high street shop staff are thrilled to have been selected by a company called Yawboard to sell “the world’s first carving e-scooter”, which is officially being sold in Allen’s E-Bikes from today (Monday).

Shop owners and father and son, Mike and Dave Allen, launched a Facebook countdown at the weekend, and hope customers will be proud that they are putting Leighton Buzzard on the map.

Dave said: “This will be sold all over the world, but we will be the first, and the electric transport is also the first of its kind as well.

“I believe Ray saw in our shop our passion: that we want to give customers the best new tech and are knowledgeable about it. Plus, he saw my enthusiasm for getting the board into the shop.

“Is incredibly easy to learn, and gives an awesome carving experience with minimum effort. The board also has a removable handle so you can choose to use it as a ‘scooter’ or an electric skateboard. It’s two products in one!”

Yawboard launched its electric scooter-skateboard hybrid on Indiegogo in September 2020 and raised over £43,000 (over 437 per cent of target) and was fully funded in just

Ray and Dave with Yawboard’s new electric scooter-skateboard hybrid.

The new product was named the ‘YAWBOARD All-Terrain’, and was created in London by Yawboard’s design engineer Ray Reynolds.

Inventor Ray, who is originally from Ampthill, said: “Our mission is to provide a unique vehicle with incredible performance, safety and stability.

“Using my background as design engineer and snowboarder, I focused on taking the unique carving experience from the slopes, and bringing it to the streets to ride every day of the year.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and excitement we’ve received since launching the ‘YAWBOARD All-Terrain’ this September; we’ve received amazing feedback from our

test riders from all around the UK and we are keeping a close eye on the current e-scooter trials and will be fulfilling all our orders in the Spring.”

He added: “As use of public transport is decreasing, and with the governments increase in cycling infrastructure, we are very excited about the timing to deliver a product we think will be

the future of urban mobility.

“Over five years and seven prototypes, the product has evolved to be a distinctive electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery pack that sits below the flexible deck. By taking the best

components of a skateboard and scooter, the result is a lightweight high-performance vehicle that is practical to use commuting to work and riding for fun.”

The 14AH battery gives a range up to 20miles on 7” pneumatic all-terrain tyres and a top speed of up to 22mph.

The vehicle weighs 12kg including the battery, while a folding aluminium handle means the board can be carried or pulled along when riding isn’t possible.

It also has a choice of three speed modes, which means it suits users of all abilities, and can limit its top speed for when you are riding in areas with limited speed requirements.

Ray added: “We chose the store because it is in Bedfordshire where I grew up (Ampthill) and because of the excellent service and personal interaction offered in the store. Dave and the team are extremely knowledgeable and make sure every customer gets the right product for their needs. The best part is that they can offer test rides so people can easily

feel just how fun it is to ride a Yawboard.”

Described as “the world’s first carving e-scooter”, carving on a skateboard is the act of making big, fast turns in the corners of transitions.

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