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AN ADDITIONAL 200 e-scooters will be brought into Slough – as the council expands the trial to Langley, Wexham, and Britwell.

The council was given the go-ahead by the Department of Transport to expand the e-scooters trial, which was launched in October, to other areas in the borough to link more areas with each other, public transport hubs, and the town centre.

This expansion was taken into effect yesterday (Thursday, March 18).

The year-long scheme was only allowed in specific areas in Slough and in just five-months 10,000 people have signed up to ride, with riders covering 100,000km, the council said.

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Run by partners and e-scooter experts Neuron Mobility Ltd, an additional 200 distinctive orange vehicles will be brought into the borough.

As the country continues to come out of lockdown and residents are given the option to return to work or get out and about more, the e-scooters can offer a safe, socially distanced and zero emissions transport option.

Slough Observer: The distinctive orange e-scootersThe distinctive orange e-scooters

Slough riders who have been surveyed revealed 60 per cent of trips taken were combined with public transport and 40 per cent of trips had directly replaced a car journey.

The e-scooters and the on-vehicle helmets are cleaned and sanitised with hospital grade disinfectant by Neuron’s care team to protect users.

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Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for sustainable transport and the environment, said: “We are delighted so many people have taken the opportunity to use this zero emission form of transport.

“So much so it is viable for the scheme to expand into more communities giving more residents another way to get around.

“As the country takes steps to come out of lockdown there is a chance to do things differently than before – maybe using an e-scooter instead of the car could be one of them.”

The council has warned the e-scooters can only be used on roads, in bus lanes, and in on-road cycle lanes, and riders must be aged over 18 and hold a provisional or full driver’s licence to rent one.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a criminal prosecution and points on the rider’s driving licence. Rule breakers should be reported to the Neuron’s 24/7 customer service centre with the exact time, location and licence plate number.

Privately-owned electric scooters remain outlawed for use on any public path and road.

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