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Detel Easy Plus Electric
Detel Easy Plus Electric

Detel Easy Plus launch price announced at 40k at Ride Asia Expo 2021

Detel Easy Plus was launched today at a price of Rs 39,999. The company aims to offer sustainable mobility solutions at a disruptive price. The dream is one of endless potential if realised. Detel is fascinated by the prospect of a cheap bike.

In 2020, the company launched Detel Easy moped at a price of 20 grands. As years go by, one often reminisces days gone by. Entire generations began their two wheeler journey by taking advantage of any opportunity to ride a moped type two-wheeler. Those days are long gone, and most manufacturers have relegated the moped style of one not worthy of being carried into the 21st century.

Detel Easy Plus Electric
Detel Easy Plus Electric

Fully charged in 4-5 hours

But with electric two-wheelers taking advantage of every push they can, mopeds are back. Given the right financial plans, rebates and government policy boost, electric low-speed mopeds could be in abundance before we realise. Detel Easy Plus has been showcased at Ride Asia Expo. The 40k price tag could help its cause. The B2C e-bike can now be pre-booked online from the company website. That’ll cost you 2 grands.

Detel Easy Plus ground clearance is pegged at 170 mm, enough to take on the mad melee of what defines Indian roads. This low-speed vehicle is powered by a 20AH lithium-ion battery. It’s lightweight. And can be fully charged in 4-5 hours. Single charge run time is listed at 60 kms.

Detel Easy Plus Electric
Detel Easy Plus Electric – Specs

Detel Roadside Assistance

Detel e-vehicle depends on technology for performance and sustainability. Easy Plus features a metal alloy, powder-coated body, and tubeless tyres. This ensures it’s rideabiliy isn’t affected on varied road types. The company goes a step further and says it can be ridden on any kind of terrain, including in traffic jams in cities, and barely-there roads of rural India.

Detel Easy plus is available in various colour options. They include Metallic Red, Pearl White, Gunmetal, Metallic Black, and Metallic Yellow. Easy Plus load bearing capacity stands at 170 kg. The vehicle uses a 250 watt electric motor, and top speed is capped at 25 kmph.

Yogesh Bhatia, Founder, Detel said, “Detel is a homegrown brand for the masses, our vision is to be the most trusted low-speed two-wheelers manufacturer in India. We are offering a sustainable mobility solution to the daily commuting needs of an average user. We are poised to create a benchmark in India’s transportation space at the most economical price range. We are driven by our motto #DetelDecarboniseIndia and aim to deliver eco-friendly products to all our stakeholders that add to their lifestyle.”

Detel Easy Plus Electric
Detel Easy Plus Electric

Detel Easy Plus e-bikes are sold with prepaid roadside assistance package pan India. In case of a breakdown, vehicle users can call on the dedicated toll-free number. Thereafter, a towing vehicle will be dispatched within a 40 km radius to a service point. After sales service parameters include service at home, pan India.

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