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MONROE, La. (KNOE) – Participating in off-the-road cycling is a good way to stay in shape, and it may get easier to do. A local 21-year-old has built an electric mountain bike.

Teachers at Louisiana Tech University Engineering and Technology program have provided a student with quality skills to help him make an electric mountain bike.

With tons of research, a chainsaw, and special tools are only a few things Grice used to build his electric mountain bike. The goal was to make the bike competitive at an affordable price.

“The main goal of it was to keep it cheap. Which it’s all relative, but an electric dirt bike, that is similar, to one with the same kind of specs as the one I have now, on the market would run you about $4,000. This one cost me about $1,200 including the materials I use to build it because I made it from a chainsaw. So I just went and got a chainsaw from Lowe’s, with all the metal and stuff, and made it myself,” said Ben Grice, a Louisiana Tech University Student.

Grice says he enjoys riding dirt bikes and this is similar to doing that. Meanwhile. officials say it is great to see students come up with ideas that apply the tools and knowledge learned from the classroom.

“So, it’s always fun to see what a student comes up with and it’s so amazing, in what they’re able to do. They have great imaginations early on and we want them to be able to use what they learn here and kind of continue to grow. So it’s fun to be able to see when a student produces something, and we’re always anxious to see where it’s going to go from here,” Heath Tims, Louisiana Tech University Associate Dean for Engineering.

Grice says, he will make a fourth bike to work out some of the issues and the max speed will be about 40 miles per hour. However, he would love to keep learning and improving his skills.

“The goal is to you know, find different things that I don’t know, and see how I can grow that skill to apply it to the bike,” said Grice

Grice says he plans to improve this fourth version of the bike to the best of his ability. By adding guards above the tire, a kickstand, and a three-speed transmission.

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