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Admit it: at one point or another, you’ve looked at an electric kick scooter (EKS) from the confines of your car and wished you owned one—not just so you can skip traffic, but because they just look like they’d be a neat way to get around.

Yeah, we thought so. If you’re looking into trying out alternative forms of mobility, Lenovo has something you might be interested in. The M2 is the tech brand’s first-ever EKS offering, and it’ll be available in the Philippines beginning March 27.

On paper, the M2 and its 350w motor look like a convenient way to travel short distances in the city. It’s easy to fold in case you need to store it at the office or bring it on public transportation, has a maximum range of 30km, a top speed of 25kph, and can carry up to 120kg. The brand is also claiming that the M2’s shocks will erase road imperfections with ease.

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Perhaps just as important as this thing’s specs is its appearance. The brand says the M2’s style is supposed to match that of its laptops and, frankly, while we don’t really see the resemblance, they look pretty good nonetheless.

With a matte black paint job and minimalist design cues, the M2’s form factor is very easy on the eyes. Some bright red accents add a bit of energy to the aesthetic, while a grey rubber foot mat and grips, along with eight-inch wheels and honeycomb tires, give the product a nice dose of ruggedness. The digital instrument display is also very easy to read, and one-button operation means it’s relatively simple to get a feel for operating this EKS.

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“The M2 Electric Scooter is in line with Lenovo’s unwavering dedication to constantly innovate and challenge conventions through our products. The ongoing health crisis highlighted the need to connect and do things smartly and safely,” Michael Ngan, Lenovo Philippines president, said in a statement.

“Through the M2 Electric Scooter and our other smart devices, Lenovo continues to transform the way people live, work, and play as we reshape expectations and experiences to empower customers with smarter productivity, smarter entertainment, and smarter living for all,” he added.

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How much? The SRP of the Lenovo M2 is set at P19,995. If you take part in the company’s pre-order program from March 18 to 27, however, you can take advantage of a special launch price of P16,995. Not bad.

Interested? Just be sure to put a helmet on and ride safe out there.

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