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Residents of Sderot have faced a fair number of crises, warnings and missiles in recent years. However, the fire that broke out yesterday afternoon (Sunday) in the house of a fat family and injured Naftali, 67 years old, was not caused by Qassam missiles, but from a lithium battery from an electric bike.

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The fire also spread to the next house, where fire was set on Orit Suissa and her parents, Shalom and Shula. In the dramatic conversation with the Fire and Rescue Center, members of the Suissa’s family are heard trying to escape the fire and reach a safe location.

The house burned down due to an electric bike | Photo: N12

Fortunately, from the flames, neighbor Elad Bohdana appeared, rescued them across the garden and dragged them on his back into the street, thus saving their lives. The four met this morning, and the Suissa family thanked Bohdana: “You are our son.”

The condition of neighbor Naftali remains difficult. He was transferred to Assaf Harofe Hospital, and his family members still hope for the best. His son Ural said: “The house is gone. He will have no place to return to.” The Suissa’s family home was completely destroyed, and the property of the two families was destroyed.

Fire investigators determined that the bike battery set fire, and they are warning the public about the dangerous use of these batteries. Researcher Tal Goldstein described the danger in batteries: “They swell, explode, and cause massive damage.”

The house burned down due to an electric bike (Photo: N12)
Fire researcher Tal Goldstein | Photo: N12

For donations to the Suissa and Semin families:

Shula Sweisa –
Hapoalim Bank
Branch: 649
Account Tax: 226763

Trimming Seminar –
Bank Leumi Netivot
Branch: 790
Account Tax: 54567

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