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As the people of Manchester start looking at how they will find their way back into the post covid world, many are reassessing a lot of things they once took for granted. Some of those involve larger lifestyle changes, such as choosing to carry on working remotely instead of returning to the office, and others look at ways to make that trip to work more economical and environmentally friendly.

At the top of the list of ways to make that commute easier (especially if it involved negotiating their way around Manchester during rush hour) would be to invest in an e-bike, especially for anyone who might have doubts about the reliability or safety of public transport.

An e-bike is an easy step to take, as unlike other forms of motorised transportation, e-bikes don’t require a licence to be ridden, nor do they need registration, tax, or insurance. This first point is good (and welcome) news to many, but there are also other benefits.

More environmentally friendly

The combination of pedal power and an electric motor is recognised as being better for the planet than the petrol-fuelled alternative of a car, motorbike, or moped. They consume fuel at a much slower rate, so they provide a much greener alternative for your commute.

Avoid congestion

As mentioned above, rush hour traffic in Manchester can be a nightmare. It is true that in normal circumstances, e-bikes are slower than cars, but when you consider the average speed in rush hour traffic for a car is only just over 15mph, you’ll see immediately that the e-bike could be a better alternative.

When you also add into the equation that e-bikes can get to many places (including right up to the door) that cars cannot, you can see how they might have the advantage and make your overall journey time shorter.

Far cheaper than a car

While petrol prices can be changeable and everybody knows that parking spaces can be expensive as well as hard to find, an electric city bike can be bought and run for a fraction of the price of a car. This is without the extra considerations of less wear and tear on the car (if you want to keep the car at all).

4 Health benefits

Instead of getting in the car, sitting down, and then going to the office where you sit down all day, you can cycle to work and get some exercise. You can do as much or as little as you like, and when the going gets a bit tough, or if you come across a hill (or even if you’re just running late) you just switch on the motor and let it do the work until you are ready to start pedalling again.


When it comes to getting out and about in Manchester, e-bikes are cheaper, faster, healthier, and more environmentally friendly than making a similar journey by car, especially in rush hour. The benefits are clear, and it will be interesting to see how many people make this choice as the city returns to some degree of normality.

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