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Fast but never furious, e-scooters have proved popular abroad and might offer a good alternative to petrol-guzzling cars and busy buses. 

While you still can’t legally ride an e-scooter of your own on public roads and pavements, there are several schemes up and running in which you can hire one. 

As news emerges that the Department of Transport is in discussions to expand the roll-out of its e-scooter trial rental schemes – with numbers of e-scooters on the road set to rise by 75 per cent – here’s what I’ve learnt from riding one…

1. Everyone wants to have a go on it

When I first rocked up to the school gates with an e-scooter, all the other parents and their kids flocked around me and wanted to have a go on it. They have a bit of a cult status. 

2. We have our own secret codes

There’s a secret, silent sort of acknowledgement with other e-scooter users. We often give a little nod when we pass each other by.

3. You need to get used to the starting ‘jolt’

They can go really quickly at the touch of a button so if you’re not used to them, it would be easy to jolt forward and have an accident. As with a bike or car, it is the driver’s responsibility for their driving, and for making the correct choices on roads, bike lanes or bike paths (you can’t ride on pavements). E-scooters tend to go at a maximum speed of 15mph but you do have to be careful and it’s easy to get carried away. 

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