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The presentations by  Rabindranath Tagore University is becoming the eye-catcher at Sarthak Education 2021 National Expo and Conference.

Tagore University has displayed an electric bike made by AIC-RNTU startup Abhishek Sharma and it is being highly appreciated by everyone. Once charged, this bike runs for 80 km and its rate comes to 10 to 15 paise per km. This startup is a good alternative to fossil fuels.

Abdul Rashid’s InfiM startup Multi Directional Solar Lamp and Ashutosh Kumar Rai’s Enoso Creation’s Education Startup are also being liked. Director of AIC-RNTU  Nitin Vats said that the university is constantly focusing on innovation and startups for which the students are provided with a lot of facilities.

Santosh Choubey, Chancellor of Rabindranath Tagore University, said that language is culture. In the Indian language, ‘education’ is necessary to make India a world guru.

He spoke about the totality of music-poetry-painting-language. He further said that the return of Indian language and inclusiveness is needed. We should be multilingual. Our fight is not with language and dialects. We should love language.

He said that there are 113 universities in the world where Hindi is taught. Today technology has created global employment opportunities. There is a lot of potential in the Indian language and translation in the creation of employment.

Organic products such as black salt rice, gold Mussoorie and red rice have also been kept in the stall by the university’s Faculty of Agriculture. The description of zinc and iron-rich black salt rice is also found in reference to Lord Buddha.

Sona Mussoorie rice grains are medium-sized white shiny. Red rice with micro newton is very much liked in Chhattisgarh. In 2021, Sarthak Education is playing the role of the university’s team registration and information center.

The published books and journals of knowledge science, skill development and art literature of AISECT Publication are being displayed in the RNTU stall. In which books on subjects like science, technology, environment, health etc. are being specially liked in Hindi. Books from school students to higher education students and researchers are included.

In six volumes, ‘Kathakesh’ of the storytellers of undivided Madhya Pradesh and 18 volumes of Hindi stories of India ‘Kathadesh’, as well as science and technology magazine ‘Electronics for you’ in Hindi and ‘Rang Samvad’, a magazine of art literature.

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