Melbourne crackdown on bike and electric scooters sees big number of fines for speeding in Southbank Leave a comment

A big number of cyclists and scooter riders have been nabbed travelling along Melbourne’s Southbank Promenade during a police crackdown on speeding.

Although Southbank Promenade is designed to be used by bikes and scooters, it has also been deemed a dangerous spot for pedestrians now that foot traffic has returned to the city.

The speed limit on the promenade for both cyclists and scooter riders is 10km/h.

For a period of three weeks during peak times, local police patrolled the area using hand-held speed measuring devices.

Over 100 offences were identified during the crackdown.

A cyclist seen in Melbourne.
A cyclist seen in Melbourne. Credit: ERIK ANDERSON/AAPIMAGE

A total of 45 people were charged on summons for riding a bicycle or scooter over 23km/h and 33 were fined for not wearing a helmet.

Nine were also issued infringements for operating an unregistered motor vehicle, which were eight scooters and one skateboard.

Seven people were also fined for using a mobile phone while riding a bike or scooter.

Those who have been charged on summons can be prosecuted with a maximum penalty of $1652.20.

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