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Yate beat officers now have a fourth electric E bike thanks to funding from a number of South Gloucestershire Councillors.

PC Sean White moved to the Yate neighbourhood team around 9 months ago and was the only team member that did not have a police bike for patrol.

South Gloucestershire Councillors stepped in to use their allocated member awarded funding to purchase the much needed bike.

The Electric E Bikes are an excellent resource for officers, allowing them to get to places that are difficult to patrol in a car.

Although police can fund bikes, those bikes are them moveable between stations, meaning they can be removed to a different area if deemed necessary.

As the Yate beat team now have a fleet of bikes fully funded by the local councillors- the Electric E bikes can not be taken to other stations.

PC Sean said: “We can now effectively target footpaths and parks to tackle COVID offences as well as incidents linked to Drugs and Anti-Social Behaviour.

“But also, I have found how much more engaged the community are with me. I have been flagged down on several occasions and people are able to stop me for conversations all of the time.

“Which is fantastic to have more engagement with locals.

Councillors Ruth Davis, John David, Ben Nutland and John Gawn contributed their members awarded funding for the purchase.

Councillor Gawn said: “We were contacted by the local community police officers regarding supplying the bikes. Over the past two years we have used parts of our funding supply four bikes for the officers in the local area.

“We understand this has been a great success.

“We are happy to work in partnership with our local police.”

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