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With a typical bike, your feature list is pretty straight forward, 2 wheels, seat, handlebars and you’re good to go, but with an e-Bike, there’s lots more on offer.

Removable Battery

The battery is removable which enables you to charge it in a more convenient locations than where you like to keep your bike. An issue created by this removability, is the chance of theft, thankfully Himo has provided protection against that neighbough down the road that fancies a spare battery, the battery is lockable with a physical keys to ensure the battery stays in the bike.


On the handlebars, you’ll find the digital display that enables access to your riding mode, battery life, km/hr, Odometer and Trip data. This does what you need it to, in providing the right feedback to you as a rider, but I am used to seeing the quality and colour of LCD displays in 2021.

Riding modes

If you ever run out of battery (I really doubt you will), it is actually reassuring to know that this bike functions perfectly well as a regular bike. If you’ve been riding for a while and get used to the assistance, you will get a rude awakening of the effort normal riding requires.

When it’s time to fire up the assistance, you get to chose from Eco, Normal and High modes which offer mild to excellent assistance while pedaling up to 25/hr. The power does take a little time to get used to with it coming on differently across the gears. Ultimately the High mode will allow you to get to speed fastest, while also consuming the most battery and meaning you’re doing the least amount of exercise.


Riding during the day or night is possible thanks to a built-in headlight and tail light. While I wish these were connected systems that could be enabled with a single button press, the rear works independently. To enable it, just reach backwards and press the button under the bottom of the light, while the front light offers a bright field of view with a long press on the + button for 3 second.


This bike features a Shimano gear selector which glides the chain across 7 gears. These offer a range of resistances, starting low for getting off the line at a set of lights and ramping up to the top for the fastest speed. I did find having two different types of interfaces to switch between the gears a little hard to remember which moved the gear up and which moved it down, but after a few days, you commit it to memory and it feels more natural.

Suspension & Brakes

If you’re someone who goes off-road with your bikes, then you’ll appreciate the damping shock on the front. Turning the dial counterclockwise will open the shock absorber and enables downhill riders to have the bumps absorbed as they turn down the trails. While more advanced bikes offer front and rear suspension, having at least this option for the front forks enables this bike to be used in more situations. When you’re back on the flat stuff, just turn the dial and the suspension is locked again. This is a fast and easy transformation and a really great inclusion.

If you are an adventurous type, you’ll want to have confidence that you can stop, particularly if you’re facing a potential accident. Thankfully the front and rear disc brakes offer incredible stopping power and the braking application comes on smooth, so you while it’s strong, you don’t have to worry about being thrown over the front wheel.


Accommodating for different sized riders is important and thanks to the quick adjustable seat height, it’s pretty easy to share this bike across a couple. Just flip out the latch on the seat mount, adjust the height, then latch it again. It can be firm, but that also provides confidence it’s not going anywhere while you’re riding.

When you’re done riding, you’ll want to stand up the bike. The kickstand certainly does the job, but I’d say the angle of it allows the bike to lean more than I’d like. When I stand up a bike, I want to feel confident that a strong breeze isn’t going to send it crashing to the ground and I can’t say that’s the case here. Perhaps there’s some adjust-ability I’m missing, but out of the box, the lean is severe.

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