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Even though it’s small, the Re:Move can handle a maximum payload of 275 kg or just over 600 pounds.

Aside from electrifying the cars they offers, car manufacturers nowadays are also investing in electric scooters and e-bikes, and the latest to announce such a project is Polestar. The three-wheeled Re:Move electric cargo scooter, which is conceived for last-mile delivery duty, imagined by designer Konstantin Grcic, with help from aluminum producer Hydro and CAKE, the motorcycle company.

It is envisioned as a strictly urban vehicle that would enable the last leg of some goods’ journeys to be fully emissions-free. The vehicle is entirely made out of fully recyclable low-carbon aluminum and the bed on top of which boxes can be placed is actually where the battery pack is located.

We’re not told how powerful the Re:Move scooter is or how much range it has, but it can apparently carry up to 275 kg (606 pounds) of cargo. Right now, it’s still just a 3D model, but Polestar tells us a working prototype will be revealed sometime this autumn.

And it seems Polestar wants more of these alternative vehicles in its roster, according to the company’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath, who said

This is only the beginning. The electric drivetrain is only the first step, then we have to look at the whole supply chain and what materials we design with. This is so much more exciting than the last twenty years when designers were just making things pretty.

Polestar has also announced that it will release more details about the Re:Move on March 17, including statements from the designer as well a the other parties involved in this innovative electric scooter’s creation.

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