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A Co Clare 10-year-old has had her wish of being able to go on cycling adventures with her family come true. 

Kate Maher, from Sixmilebridge, was gifted an electric bike and a trailer by Make A Wish Ireland. 

Kate has cerebral palsy and is quadriplegic and depends on her family for everything. Her wish was granted last year and is being highlighted to mark Wish Week, a fundraising campaign organised by Make A Wish. 

Her mother, Linda told Limerick Today on Live 95 that Kate loves “being stuck in the middle of anything that’s going on”.

Make A Wish has ensured that Kate can be more involved in family outings after securing the e-bike and trailer for the family.

“She’s telling us, ‘come on we’re going’. It’s nice for her to be able to make that choice and tell us where we’re going and what we’re doing,” said Linda.

Linda said that Kate’s dad cycles the bike while Kate sits in the trailer.

She said that Kate was “delighted” when her wish was granted.

“She’s absolutely thrilled,” Linda said.

She added that Kate tells everyone about the bike and that going out on it “is a big adventure for her”.

“She’s visually impaired so she doesn’t really know where we’re going but it’s about being on the move”.

Linda said that one of Kate’s carers told them about Make A Wish.

She said they wanted to make sure the wish would benefit Kate.

“Kate is happy to just watch TV or listen to what’s going on around her,” said Linda.

“This particular wish means that she can come with us”, said Linda, if the family want to go for a walk or cycle.

“There’s no planning involved. It’s just: ‘What will we do today, it’s a nice day, let’s go for a cycle’.

“You’re not thinking have we a carer booked, have we someone arranged, can we get grandparents up to help.

“You can be spontaneous. And that’s one of the big things when you have a child like Kate, you can’t really do anything in the moment.

“You’ve got to really plan ahead.”

Linda said the pandemic has been good in the sense that the family got to spend more time together, but she added that Kate did miss her friends.

“We did notice a deterioration in that she was getting more annoyed at home at not meeting the friends and not having the structure.” 

Ailbhe Goff, Wish Granter at Make A Wish Ireland, said that what really struck her about the wish for Kate was that her family “had really thought about it and thought ‘what would suit Kate?’”

Ailbhe added that Linda sent a thank you note saying that the wish of the bike “helped the family to bond”.

She said it was the first wish of its kind that she had granted.

“We had to a bit of research in trying to get the right trailer to fit so that she [Kate] could grow into [it]. We didn’t want something small.”

Ailbhe said that after some research they were able to track down the right one. 

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