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THE possibility of an eco-friendly scooter scheme being permanently rolled out in a seaside town has divided opinon among residents.

Spin, which is owned by Ford, has launched its pilot e-scooter scheme in Clacton, following other initial trials in Colchester and across Essex.

The idea behind the initiative is to see whether or not the company can provide a safe way for electric scooters to be used for travel on public land in the community.

The scooters are currently only being used by NHS workers, but from Monday the nippy two-wheelers will be available to hire from a geo-fenced area in the town centre.

Managed by Essex County Council in partnership with Tendring Council and Essex Police, the scheme is part of a campaign to protect the environment.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Sam Inman has welcomed the pilot and believes it is positive to see the authorities combatting climate change in the same way other countries are.

He said: “These scooters are a great thing, they work well in many other cities and towns around the world.”

Andy Cardy, from Clacton, also believes the scheme could be good for the town, as long as people do not abuse the privilege.

“I like them and the idea. But I just hope they do not end up stolen,” he said.

Teresa Dodd is also eager to try one of the e-scooters, which are activated using the Spin mobile application and cost 20p per minute with no ‘unlock fee’.

She said: “They look like fun. I would love to give them a go.”

Clacton residents’ first ride will be limited to a speed of 10mph while some high-traffic areas will have a permanent 10mph speed limit enforced.

Other areas, including the likes Clacton Pier, will be classed as ‘no-ride-zones’, where riders will not be permitted to use their scooters.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Despite the roll-out of the initiative, any e-scooter which is not part of trial remains illegal to use other than on private land.

Wendy Skelton believes this approach is a double standard.

She said: “How come this scheme got approved? Why is it okay and legal to use these ones but not the scooters people personally own?”

Other residents are also sceptical of the idea, such as Barry Reid, who has questioned the safety of the scooters.

He said: “What a stupid idea. With those little wheels and the state of our roads and pavements, people will be coming off of them all over the place.

“How long before there is an insurance claim?”

Lisa Clark is concerned for the welfare of walkers and shoppers.

She added: “Someone is going to get hurt. They will be running people over on the promenade and the paths.”

Cathy Bradberry is also worried the ease with which the scooters can be hired by anyone could prove problematic.

She said: “So all the idiots can ride them and cause havoc on the pavements, nice one. I have seen kids on these with no respect for pedestrians or road users.”

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