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At first glance, the latest teaser for the Oki100, Okinawa’s newest electric motorcycle, would have you believe that it’s a high-powered electric torque monster ready to rip your arms off and send the front wheel up in the air upon launch. The tagline, ‘Silent Monster’ truly paints a picture of performance, while the bike shrouded in a cloud of smoke makes it look like it’s ready to attack. 

And then you see the image below, and realize that this bike looks like it belongs on the set of Chocobo Racing—it’s absolutely tiny. When sitting on its own, however, it does look rather monstrous—too Monstrous, if you know what I mean. I don’t think Okinawa meant to make this bike look subtly like a Ducati Monster. Everything from the faux fuel tank complete with vents up front, to the split-design headlight, to the iconic red trellis frame, seems to be copy-pasted, and scaled down fifty-percent from the Ducati Monster 796. Granted of course, the Oki100 doesn’t get a flashy single-sided swingarm.

New Okinawa Electric Bike Is Monkey And Monster's Love Child

The Okinawa Oki100 when it was first unveiled as a concept.

Ducati Monster 796

Ducati Monster 796, for reference.

As far as dimensions are concerned however, there’s nothing monstrous about this Oki100, as it’s probably as big as a Honda Grom in the flesh. Designed as a comfy little city runabout, the Oki100 was never meant to go fast or handle well on twisty roads. Of course, it does make for a cute little electric bike that’s sure to have people chatting you up on the side of the road. 

Interestingly, despite its cute scale and seemingly copy-paste design, the Oki100 boasts some pretty impressive specs. For instance, Okinawa claims that it has a top speed of 60 miles per hour. Now, whether or not you’d actually want to go this fast on a bike this small is entirely up to you. Additionally, a single charge of the bike’s detachable lithium-ion battery is reportedly able to give you an impressive 93 miles of range. Granted, of course, these are all claims, and whether or not the little Oki100 can live up to them has yet to be seen. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

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