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FRANKFURT, GERMANY, March 1, 2021 / — Like an idea whose time has come, sustainable wooden electric bike brand WE-Bikes is set to launch their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign very soon. Interested parties and everyone into sustainable living are invited to show their support by backing WE-Bikes on the crowdfunding platform.

WE-Bikes are actually kick bikes with frames made from regionally sustainable tree sources. The multiplex plate comprises three types of wood perfectly structured to build a stable design. The inner section combines birch to provide stability and flexibility with lightweight poplar. The outer section is fabricated from durable and scratch-resistant beech wood.
But there is more to it than that. From every wooden kickbike sold, 5% of the profit is donated to a project for the preservation of the rainforest. So is it the first known
Kickbike and -scooter fans around the world agree that scooting is great fun. Whether for commuting, as a fast means of transportation or for extended adventure tours. But most importantly, kick scooting is one thing: beneficial for your health.Besides the known benefits and advantages of kicking a scooter, WE Bikes wooden kickbike has a lot more to offer. By using wood, a whole new driving experience is created:
Flexibility. The wooden frame provides a high flexibility, thus off-road rides are not only possible, they will also be great fun.
What’s especially remarkable about WE-Bikes is that they are built to last and manufactured using only the highest-grade materials. This means users won’t be bothered about frequent repairs and replacements. Every single Kickbike is handcrafted by only a single person, who is responsible for ensuring the kick bike they fashion adheres to the strict quality standards set by the company.

WE-Bikes kick bikes come in two models or designs:

Urban or All-day Kick Bike: Stylish and practical, suitable for people of all ages
Cruiser Kick Bike: An all-round scooter for fun-loving and sports/fitness buffs
People who want to participate in the WE-Bikes crowdfunding campaign can choose from among several pledge packages, starting from the basic pledge without a reward.

Pledges that come with rewards start at €15 or approximately US$18 with a corresponding high-quality WE-Shirt. The highest pledge package worth at least €2,700 or approximately US$3,272 comes with a family pack comprising five wooden kick bikes whose prices are further reduced by 30% from the original affordable future retail price. Wooden-Kickbikes shipping is set to start in July 2021.

WE-Bikes aims to be a force for good sustainable living and set industry standards by becoming a major wooden electric bike brand. They are driven by a desire to produce a stylish and highly functional product that will be embedded into people’s lifestyles.

Interested backers who want to know more details about WE-Bikes and their products can visit their official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page or send an email to:

Dennis Soltendieck
WE-Solutions (WE-Bikes)
+49 176 74478914
Visit us on social media:

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