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SuperSoco Electric Scooter
SuperSoco Electric Scooter

Super Soco CUmini comes with swappable batteries and with an electric motor capable of generating 600W power

In recent times we have seen the advent of several new electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, especially in the two-wheeler segment. It has been made very clear by governing authorities of various countries that for a sustainable future, fossil fuels have to make way for electric energy which will drive future automobiles.

Now, another electric mobility brand is making headlines with the unveiling of its new products. Super Soco recently unveiled three new offerings- two motorcycles and one scooter. The electric motorcycles- TC Wanderer and TS Street Hunter have been discussed at length in another story.

SuperSoco Electric Scooter
SuperSoco Electric Scooter


Besides the electric bikes, the company also unveiled CUmini electric scooter which will be positioned as an entry-level offering. Based on the more powerful CUx electric scooter, CUmini adopts a minimalistic and more modern design approach with a catchy slogan “Fun way to move”.

It looks visibly small and has been designed primarily for new riders and specifically for short, urban commutes. It will be made available in four paint schemes- black, gray, white and red.

SuperSoco Electric Scooter
SuperSoco Electric Scooter

There are subtle differences in design between the Chinese-spec and the recently revealed Euro-spec models of CUmini. The Chinese version of CUmini doesn’t get conventionally positioned individual turn indicators which its European counterpart does.

Also, the China-spec model is offered in a single-seat layout whereas the Euro-spec version gets a two-seater layout. Although, by the looks of it a pillion seat could be installed in the former.

Features on offer

Super Soco claims that CUmini gets a single-piece panel all-inclusive body design with its car-like headlights as one of the prominent highlights. In addition to a tubular-shaped headlamp with U-shaped outer ends positioned at its front apron, the e-scooter also gets a full-width strip of LED light placed on top behind the handlebar. The contrasting black colour on the handlebar, alloy wheels, floorboard and rearview mirrors add a nice sporty contrast to the scooter.

SuperSoco Electric Scooter
SuperSoco Electric Scooter

In terms of equipment, it is decently equipped with features such as a keyless start with a remote, LED taillight, LED rear turn signals, 12-inch wheels and a monochrome LCD instrument cluster. This digital instrument cluster shows information battery charge, GPS positioning, alarm status along with other data by pairing it with Super Soco’s smartphone app. For an entry-level offering, CUmini gets a whole lot of features.

Powertrain Specs

Coming to its specifications, it features a powertrain consisting of a 0.6 kW or 0.8 PS electric motor which draws its power from a 48V and 20Ah battery pack which has a capacity of 0.96 kWh. The best part is that the battery is swappable and weighs just 7.2 kg. The battery could be replenished using a home charger in seven hours and is claimed to provide a single-charge range of about 60-70 km. Being a low-powered scooter it can clock a top speed of only 45 kmph.

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