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Honda seems to be working on quite a strange technology that pairs motorcycles and drones. The automaker from Japan has recently filed a patent application for a bike-mounted drone. As per the details available from the filed patent, the motorcycle would be able to release the drone on command. The drone will then return to the bike when promoted.

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Unsurprisingly, the patent fails to explain an exact purpose of a bike-mounted drone. Albeit, there could be several possibilities related to using such a technology.

As per the patent, the bike comes kitted with a small drone mounted in its tail box. When the drone is not in use, the box will accommodate a rack for strapping on luggage, or otherwise, it would be closed.

When in use, the top box will open and allow the autonomous drone to fly out. The flying device would be able to navigate and return to the motorcycle without external help. One of the potential use of such a technology is that such drones could be utilised to fly ahead and keep an eye on the road conditions, keeping the rider updated about obstacles, scout for traffic, or any other critical update. It could be also used to deliver fully charged battery packs to the electric motorcycle. Goes without saying, the packs will have to be lightweight in order to be able to fly along with the drone.

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At the same time, another question that comes along with the technology is how the drone will be launched from a moving bike and how will it reattach itself at moving speeds. Though, at the moment it is just a patent to speak of. More details on the same may roll out sometime in the future.

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