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An 80-year-old paperboy has postponed his retirement after receiving the gift of an electric bike. George Bailey, who delivers newspapers around the village of Headcorn in Kent, said his e-bike had given him a “new lease of life”. He made headlines last month when he announced he was retiring – prompting a bike company to offer him the new vehicle.

Robot vacuum cleaners ‘drunk’ after update

Owners of Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners have reported that appliances are acting “drunk” after a faulty software update messed up the robots’ circuits. One Roomba owner said: “It works, but it basically now behaves like it’s had a stroke and has no idea where it is most of the time.” Another complained: “These robots looks drunk since the update.” The manufacturer, iRobot, says it will release a new update to address the issue.

Alligator heads seized in Birmingham

Dozens of alligator heads have been seized after a police search of a house in Birmingham. West Midlands police said: “We received information that the heads were being imported from abroad illegally and sold on through eBay to buyers all around the world at a large profit to the seller.” A 44-year-old man has been voluntarily interviewed.

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