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The upper-most level of world-wide motorsports has been too dependent upon money and not enough about taking care of our environment. In response, the eSkootr Championship (eSC) will be a global, intense, fiercely competitive, affordable and environmentally-friendly motorsports championship that will be contested by highly skilled, brave athletes from around the world — on powerful scooters!

The racing professionals will be chosen “from a truly diverse cross-section of competitors – including racing drivers, cyclists, skaters, snowboarders, motorcyclists, and even esports racers.”

Electric scooters racing in the eSkootr Championship

Electric scooters racing in the eSkootr Championship

The competitors’ race scooters will most certainly not be run-of-the-mill scooters that you could buy almost anywhere. These will be purpose-built, high-speed (60mph, 100km/h) scooters that are strictly intended for use in professional motorsports at this, the highest level. Accordingly, the people who will ride on them must be world-class athletes, the best of the best.

The scooters will be electric. “The eSC has already partnered with a recognized high-technology provider on the spec of its first race model.” Since they are scooters, they will literally and figuratively provide a small footprint, representing and advocating for a sustainable mode of urban transportation that will not require ever-increasing ribbons of traffic-clogged, multi-lane roadways.

The race circuits will be conveniently located in the heart of major cities, making them easy for spectators to get to. The eSC will showcase sustainable urban transportation in densely populated areas “where escooters, ebikes and bicycles all share space together.” At each venue city, the series will bring together representatives from government, industry and civil society who will help define the policies and practices to build and deliver this vision of future urban transportation.

Racing in the eSkootr Championship

Racing in the eSkootr Championship

The eSkootr Championship was inspired by the very best that professional motorsports has to offer. Its COO is Formula 1 broadcaster and former A1 GP racing driver Khalil Beschir, with support from Formula E racer and UN Ambassador Lucas di Grassi, and former Formula 1 driver Alex Wurz. Dr. Cristiana Pace — whose motorsports career spans over 20 years and who is one of the motorsports world’s leading authorities on sustainability — has been appointed “the chair of its Sustainability Commission, the body that will oversee the growth and development of sustainable and environmental practices within the series and via its technical partnerships.”

According to Hrag Sarkissian, eSkootr Championship CEO and co-founder: “The eSC will define how micromobility and motor racing could and should work together – not only by making the partnership wholly environmentally sustainable, but by also using it to dynamically fast-track concepts and ideas that can reframe mobility for every level of society.”

Racing in the eSkootr Championship

Racing in the eSkootr Championship

Khalil Beschir, eSkootr Championship COO and co-founder explained the genesis of the eSC this way: “After seeing the potential for the growth of micromobility and escooters, we spent several years developing a concept and vision for the Electric Scooter Championship. More recently, the coronavirus has further developed the conversation about how we can do things better; how we can make effective, meaningful change that has a positive impact on our cities and the people around us.” “In creating the eSC, we wanted to celebrate the concept of mobilizing cities and liberating people who have been trapped within a transport system that no longer properly works. By aligning that with a new category of motorsport – one that works for both participants and audience – we feel we can accelerate a collective conversation about mobility that will take us far into the future. When we go racing … it will be as a means to change motorsport and mobility forever.”

eSC Safety Ambassador and former Formula 1 driver Alex Wurz said: “As a racer, I want to create a series that has all the thrill and intensity of the motorsport series we all grew up with, but with the costs and responsibility that make it accessible and appealing to everyone.”


Lucas di Grassi, Formula E racer and eSC Sustainability Ambassador, tells us: “As we’ve already seen with Formula E, there is considerable scope for disruption within the electric mobility space – both on and off the track. And, as the discussion around micromobility grows, the Electric Scooter Championship is perfectly placed to amplify the benefits of clean, sustainable transport solutions within our everyday lives.”

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