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In 2020, while overall consumer demand in powersports has been surprisingly high, the sudden shift from direct storefront operations to more distanced and digital ones caught many dealerships flatfooted. This sharp change in course has thrown many dealers into disarray, allowing inefficiencies to drain cash and resources from what should be almost record-setting sales.

In the coming year, dealers must align their longstanding business practices with these new innovations to keep margins high, deliver excellent customer satisfaction and be ready for another round of unexpected challenges.

During this panel discussion featuring a powersports dealer, a dealership strategy consultant, and a technology expert, you’ll learn how your dealership can:

  • Unify customer experience and product fulfillment across all sales channels
  • Decide which numbers you need to pay attention to in order to optimize your operations
  • Forecast and budget where it matters most – growth and profit


Derek Bannister

Derek Bannister
Founder & Owner
Banner Recreation

Brian Schumacher
1043232 B.C. Ltd dba
Momentum Consulting

Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley
Systems Architect

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