The Monday Roundup: Truth about EVs, rolling stops in VA, e-bike subscriptions, and more Leave a comment

Welcome to the week everyone! Pretty wild weekend huh? Our hearts go out to friends who are still without power and/or who have gone through tough times due to the storm. Hang in there and let us know how/if we can help.

E-bike subscriptions: Revel, a company that began offering subscriptions to mopeds, has just expanded into e-bikes. The service is only available in NYC at the moment.

Funding reform in Maryland: In Oregon, The Street Trust wants to boost “Bike Bill” spending. In Baltimore, a coalition of advocacy groups has a bill that would force the state DOT to spend more on transit and basic maintenance, instead of new highways.

Traffic violence op-ed: Portland resident Michelle DuBarry pens a poignant and timely opinion piece in the Boston Globe appealing to the Biden Administration to be bold on road safety.

Low-car, “one-minute city”: Portland transportation leaders should watch what colleagues in Sweden are doing to reduce car use and use the right-of-way for more productive, healthy purposes.

Reduce driving or bust: As we debate federal transportation policy, two leading thinkers make a strong case that a switch to electric cars alone will not save us — we must do more to reduce driving overall.

Free e-bikes instead: Instead of rebates and tax incentives for EV-cars or EV-bikes, we’d love to see more programs like this one in Colorado that use funds from energy companies to offer free e-bikes to those in need.

Virginia goes Idaho: If all goes according to plan, Virginia would be the latest state to allow bicycle users to roll through stop signs when it’s safe.

Seattle streets revelation: Our friends to the north want to feel that warm, fuzzy, safe-streets vibe afforded by the snowstorm more often.

Tweet of the Week: Less than a week after Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and PBOT leadership decided against bike lanes on Hawthorne Blvd, Roger Geller, who has worked as PBOT Bicycle Coordinator for nearly three decades, has been posting on his personal Twitter account about the value of bike lanes on commercial streets. Coincidence? I think not:

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