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Shell Ride SR-5S e-scooter
Lotus has debuted the Shell Ride SR-55 e-scooter, to be available for purchase for $769. // Photo courtesy of Lotus International Co.

Lotus International Co., a Shell consumer products brand licensee based in Canton Township, has announced the debut of the Shell Ride SR-5S e-scooter in North America. This is the first offering in the Shell e-mobility line of products.

The e-scooter has a front-wheel motor with a 350-watt capacity, a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour, a maximum range of 18 miles on a full charge, cruise control, dual-braking functionality, and other features.

The companion Shell Ride app is available for Android and iOS devices and controls speed modes, lighting modes, a trip computer, security features, and more.

“The Shell Ride e-scooter is a fun, reliable, and low-emission personal transportation method for life’s short journeys; whether it’s your ride to work or school, a spin in the park, or exploring a new city,” says Darren S. Ivey, director of sales and marketing for Lotus.

In the U.S., 46 percent of journeys are made by cars traveling less than three miles. Electric scooters provide an easy to use, lower carbon solution for these journeys. According to the 2019 EPA Automotive Trends Report, the average passenger car emits approximately 0.78 pounds of carbon dioxide per mile driven, or about 2.34 pounds of CO2 for every three mile trip.

“The people who purchase this e-scooter understand the importance in reducing emissions and making the world a better place, while still enjoying the ride in our fast-paced, on-demand world,” says Ivey.

With a manufacturer suggested retail price of $769, the Shell Ride SR-5S e-scooter is available for pre-order in the U.S. on Amazon.com and will be available at QVC, Walmart.com, and other retailers in Canada and Mexico in the coming months.

Lotus International Co. is responsible for the sales, marketing, distribution, and service of Shell brand e-mobility products.

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