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Revel, the electric-moped sharing company, announced Tuesday that it will soon begin leasing electric bicycles in New York City, hoping to capitalize on cycling’s surge in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Frank Reig, Revel’s co-founder and chief executive, said his company will open a wait list today for a few hundred e-bikes that will be available starting in early March. Mr. Reig said he expects Revel to provide several thousand electric bikes by the summer.

The e-bikes, which reach speeds of up to 20 miles an hour when a rider pedals or engages a throttle, will cost $99 a month. The price includes maintenance and repairs.

Revel joins other companies in North America, including Zygg and Beyond, offering leases for people who want the convenience of owning an electric bike or scooter without the responsibility for maintenance and repairs. Two other companies, Zoomo and VanMoof, also offer lease models geared toward commercial use of electric bikes, such as for delivery workers and couriers, in several large U.S. cities including New York.

Bike ridership grew in New York City last year even as mass transit use plummeted and remained subdued because of the coronavirus pandemic. Bicycle counts at the city’s East River bridges rose 3% during the period of April to October, according to city data, despite drops in April and May when most business activity shut down.

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