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Panaji: Minister for environment and new and renewable energy Nilesh Cabral on Thursday said that citizens buying electric vehicles (EVs) will be offered a slew of incentives. There will be a cash incentive in the form of a buy-back programme, where they will be able to exchange their petrol consuming two-wheelers for electric bikes, he said.
It is proposed to waive the registration fees to bring down the cost of the EV by 5%, besides a subsidy will also make the electric vehicles affordable and accessible.
“We have close to a million two-wheelers in Goa comprising almost 70% of the state’s vehicle population. These will be converted into electric two-wheelers,” Cabral said.
“They run purely on electricity, don’t cause emissions and are therefore environment friendly,” the minister said.
The electric two-wheelers takes around three to four hours to get fully charged and can travel up to 100km on a single charge. The government is installing public charging stations in the state.
There are currently three high-capacity combo EV chargers 122-150kW, type 2 AC standards installed in Goa, which can charge long-range EVs, including Hyundai Kona, Tata Nexon and Maurice Garage.
Installation of Bharat Standard DC001 EV chargers is being planned adjacent to the existing chargers for recharging moderate range EVs such as Tata Tigor and Mahindra eVerito, which are expected to be readied this month.
As part of the green initiatives by the government of India, the clean mobility scheme is being implemented by Convergence Energy Services Ltd (CESL), a government of India company, which is also working on making solar power chargers for these two-wheelers.
CESL has been anchoring the EV ecosystem development in India, undertaking demand aggregation for procuring EVs, supporting the transition in bringing innovative business models, and providing the implementation wherewithal for accelerated roll-out of EV charging units.

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