Free e-scooter rides for Redditch residents travelling for Covid tests Leave a comment

REDDITCH residents can now get a free scooter ride to lateral flow Covid test centres in the town.

Electric scooter company Bird wants to play its part in stopping the spread of the virus in Redditch.

They are now helping residents get tested by offering free rides to centres until the end of February.

Tests are available at two locations in the town, the County Pharmacy and at the Town Hall. All rides that end in these areas will not be charged by the company.

Bird, which is Redditch’s electric scooter provider, says they already ensure their vehicles are sanitised on a daily basis, but they will be adding hand sanitiser to the scooters in a bid to do more to tackle the spread of the virus.

Charlotte Bailey, Bird’s general manager for the UK said: “We want to help the communities we operate in get back on their feet as quickly as possible following this pandemic.

“By offering free rides for people getting Covid tests we hope we can play our part in stopping the spread of this virus.

“Scooters are a great way to get around while avoiding other more crowded transport options.

“Our scooters are sanitised throughout the day and we have now added hand sanitiser to them to make sure people remain as safe as possible.”

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