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Who: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Where: Various LA locations

Editor’s notes: The internet can be a bleak place to live but if there’s been one consistent ray of sunshine amid the dark daily doomscroll it’s all the pictures that the paps keep taking of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his bike.

As you would expect, Arnie’s ride is an absolute unit. It’s a custom Matchless Urban E-Bike — a powerful offroad electric bike with fat tires and oversized brakes — and rumored to cost around $5,500. Of course, that price is pocket change to a former Terminator that’s worth approximately $400 million, yet it was clearly a solid investment considering how often he’s snapped cruising about on it.

It’s not just the bike that’s massive either, so is his fit game. Over the last year, the 73-year-old has pulled together some fantastic looks while cycling around LA. The first image in the gallery below is obviously the winner — it’s a colorful short-sleeved shirt that is completely covered in vintage pictures of himself.

He also has a hoody with a picture of himself on the front (last slide) which is not as good as the shirt but is still a mood we can appreciate. It’s also important to note that it includes a stay-at-home pandemic instruction (ironic as he’s outside, but he’s solo and exercising so we’ll let it slide) and it features two of his pets: his donkey Lulu, and his pony, Cherry.

Take a look for yourself below (and if you didn’t know he has a pet donkey, this is the video for you).

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