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With double the assist of the SL, the Turbo Levo rips uphill. 

So as a motocross guy, which of these two models would I choose as my own ride? Honestly, I would be happy with either and the Levo certainly has some advantages, but given the choice I would say the Levo SL is the way to go. As much as I like the downhill aspect of mountain biking, I still like to feel like I have earned my descents and the Levo SL is the perfect bridge between an acoustic mountain bike and a full size eMTB. Here is a summary of why I like the Levo SL:

– On an eMTB you can cover much more ground than you would on an acoustic bike, and with the Levo SL you still feel like you have gotten a good work out.

– The Levo SL feels like an acoustic bike on the descents with great maneuverability.

– If you were to run out of battery on a ride (or even if you are just looking to conserve battery on a ride), the Levo SL feels light enough that you could still pedal it uphill with the power assist off.

– The Levo SL is much easier to lift onto a bike stand, into the back of your truck, etc.

– The Levo SL would make a great bike for recovery rides, taking the edge of the ascents and allowing you to control your heart rate more.

There are still a lot of negativity vibes out there when it comes to electrical bicycles (which usually comes from people that haven’t yet tried one). But electrical bicycles are a lot more accepted now than they were a few years ago, and they certainly aren’t going anywhere. The benefits and fun levels of an eMTB are undeniable that’s for sure. I’ll always have an acoustic mountain bike, but I will be adding an eMTB to my quiver as soon as possible!

Check out www.specialized.com for more information.

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