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Mr Corbett said the top three issues to earn a strike are pavement riding, poor parking and double riding, which is when a rider takes a second person on their scooter.

Voi has so far issued 4,000 strikes to some of their 106,000 UK riders.

To detect users who break the rules, the company uses both new technology and old-fashioned snitching on bad riders using their team of ambassadors who report number plates.

Mr Corbett said that “very few people” tend to go beyond one strike, as it “usually comes as a shock” to riders when they realise that either through technology or through ambassadors, “we’ve identified poor riding and they’ve been warned.”

For example in Northampton, Voi is using computer vision AI technology to sense pedestrians while riding, which automatically slows the scooter down, and to differentiate between bus lanes, pavements, and bike lanes.

When someone is issued a strike, they are asked to go through the ‘RideLikeVoila’ online driving school program – which includes tutorials, videos and a test that gives the user a pass/fail at the end.

Mr Corbett added that geofencing, where technologies are used to create virtual boundaries, are also “at the heart of this business” because it enables Voi to create location-based rules, such as slow-speed zones and no-ride zones.

He described it as “a living and breathing framework that can change all the time.”

Voi has been the first e-scooter operator to enforce a three strikes and you’re off policy, which began in October 2020, but Mr Corbett hopes they will not be the last.

“If everyone raises the game, if everyone starts to enforce these new tools on safety, then I think we’re all going to see good adoption of e-scooters across the UK.

“We are only as strong as our weakest operator.”

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